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The Zebu Overseas Board (formerly known as the Zebu Overseas Bank) is a company that invites you to invest in a Zebu or other working animal in Madagascar.  This Zebu will be leased to a family for whom it will produce milk, plough the fields, breed cattle, pull a cart or produce manure.

Your investment grants you a Solidarity Overseas Bond "S.O.B".  You would be the owner of the animal and not only its sponsor !

The farmer, after a monthly reimbursement period of two to three years, will eventually become the full owner of the animal. Your capital will therefore be reinvested in other agricultural development projects in Madagascar, unless you would prefer to be reimbursed with interest in "Ariary", (the local currency of Madagascar). This is applicable only if you personally come to the head office with your original certificate of ownership. Your capital will be available for reimbursement after two years and up to a limit of five years from the date of your investment.

ZOB aims to help the disadvantaged farmers who do not have any other financial institution to assist them.

Through the promotion of organic farming and traditional rearing, ZOB is an original financing concept where the investor has a link with the user of the funds.

Upon request, you will be kept up to date about your animal as well as the address of the host family. We hope that you will come to visit your investment and rub its nose or enquire about its health.

We understand the suffering that you will endure by being so far from your investment. That is why we have made it possible for you to admire the smiling face of your beast on our website:, alone or with your envious friends.

A Zebu is the ideal gift for your most blasé friends. Even the most disapointed urban beings in today’s consumer society will gloat with happiness at the thought of owning this noble animal that bears their name. 

Stéphane Geay

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PEZ : 6409
Lodder - Lucas
PEZ : 2726
crna se EQUIPE ELECTRA sub instruction -
PEZ : 2295
GELB - Josée
PEZ : 958
Verinaud - Anne
PEZ : 949
Sessa - Laura & Francesca
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